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Rice Noodles with Lemon, Asparagus, and Shrimp

I’ve been reading about the nutritional benefits of rice noodles – while they are comparable in calories to regular (wheat-based) pasta, a smaller serving is filling relative to to wheat-based pasta.  I haven’t found brown-rice noodles in my neighborhood stores, … Continue reading

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Black Bean Nachos

Last week when I made a big batch of Vegetarian Black Beans, I had plans to use leftovers in a couple of upcoming meals. I’ve already posted one of those meals (Flank Steak Tacos), and tonight I used them in … Continue reading

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Spinach Salad with Wheat Berries and Blueberries

I found a big (24-oz) box of blueberries on sale at the grocery store this week, and couldn’t resist buying it – so now it’s time to think about what I’m going to do with all of those berries before … Continue reading

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Flank Steak Tacos

Maybe it’s because the weather has been so cold in Atlanta lately (or because I had a fun meal at a Caribbean restaurant in Denver a couple of weeks ago), but I’ve been thinking a lot about warmer climates, and … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Black Beans

Classes are finally back in session this week, and since I’ll be busier than I’ve been in the past month, I was looking for a high-protein side-dish that will store well and that I can use throughout the week.  I … Continue reading

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Wheat Berries with Roasted Root Vegetables

Recently, I discovered that I like a lot of root vegetables. I’ve known for a while that I like the usual suspects – carrots and onions, for example. But it’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve … Continue reading

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Shrimp with Two Salsas

I’m going out of town again tomorrow, so I wanted to use up some of the produce that I have at home.  Looking through my fridge and cupboards, I found clementines, cilantro, jicama, campari tomatoes, jalapeno’s, onions, and tomatillos. I … Continue reading

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