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Autumn Quinoa Salad

I love the start of fall, not only because I get to dig out my blue jeans and jackets and can get a long run in without getting up at the crack of dawn, but because I love how the … Continue reading

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Stir Fried Radishes and Greens over Quinoa

It’s been a really busy few weeks at work: travel, giving and grading finals, then starting to teach in an intensive 3-week May session. Along the way, I seem to have quit cooking for myself. That’s fine for a little … Continue reading

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Hot Quinoa Breakfast Cereal

After over a year of focusing on a healthier lifestyle, I’m no longer tempted to head out the door without eating a good breakfast. But I’m a creature of habit (especially in the morning) so almost every day I eat … Continue reading

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Quinoa Tabbouleh

It seems as if its been forever since I’ve spent time in my kitchen. During the end-of-semester crunch, followed by teaching two classes in a three-week May session, I was barely keeping my head above water.  There was precious little time … Continue reading

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Carnitas with Creamy Poblano Sauce and Avocado Salsa

I’ve been using poblano peppers a lot lately, and wanted to make something that featured them more prominently.  I looked around online and several recipes for creamy poblano sauce caught my eye. I really liked one recipe for pork enchiladas … Continue reading

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Quinoa Breakfast Pudding

I’ve been in a breakfast rut. The fact is, I’m not a morning person, and so getting up in time to make a healthy breakfast just isn’t likely to happen, even on the days I work at home. So in … Continue reading

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Three Minute Salad

I love it when I can turn leftovers into a really nutritions meal. I love it even more when the meal takes me less than five minutes to prepare. I was running late for work, but wanted to put together … Continue reading

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Winter Squash with Quinoa and Spinach

One of the things I love about winter produce is winter squash – acorn, butternut, spaghetti – I’m not sure I’ve tried a winter squash I didn’t like.  It’s funny that I love winter squash so much, because I’ve never … Continue reading

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Quinoa with Shrimp, Roasted Poblanos, and Tomatillo Sauce

Recently, a friend sent me a delicious-looking recipe for a Quinoa, Sweet Potato, and Avocado Timbale with Roasted Tomatillo Dressing.  I was going to make it as-is, but when I started gathering ingredients I decided to make some changes.  I … Continue reading

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Meatloaf with Beef, Soysage, and Quinoa

It was a record-cold day here in Atlanta, so I was in the mood for some comfort food. This fall when I discovered quinoa, I spotted a few recipes that used it in meatloaf. That sounded good to me, so … Continue reading

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