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Black Bean Salad with Sweet Potato and Persimmons

Growing up, I never ran across a persimmon. I know I heard of persimmon pudding, but never tried it and really had no idea what a persimmon looked liked or tasted like. I had in my mind an image of … Continue reading

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Shrimp with Grilled Corn, Black Bean, and Jicama Salad

I was at a local cooking store a few weeks ago and as I was checking out a small cookbook caught my eye: Skinny Dips, which contains recipes for relatively light dips and salsas.  I bought it and have tried … Continue reading

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Black Bean Soup with Pan-Fried Plantains

My race is over, so I’m back to my normal eating habits. The last time I made lentil soup,  a friend mentioned that it reminded him of a black bean soup that I’d made years ago, but had long-since lost … Continue reading

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Tropical Black Bean Salad

I’ve been really good about making my dinner preparations from Thursday and Friday night pay off for me. I used leftover mango salsa and tomatillo sauce for shrimp tacos, then used guacamole from the shrimp tacos in my “BLTG” (bacon, … Continue reading

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Black Bean Nachos

Last week when I made a big batch of Vegetarian Black Beans, I had plans to use leftovers in a couple of upcoming meals. I’ve already posted one of those meals (Flank Steak Tacos), and tonight I used them in … Continue reading

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Flank Steak Tacos

Maybe it’s because the weather has been so cold in Atlanta lately (or because I had a fun meal at a Caribbean restaurant in Denver a couple of weeks ago), but I’ve been thinking a lot about warmer climates, and … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Black Beans

Classes are finally back in session this week, and since I’ll be busier than I’ve been in the past month, I was looking for a high-protein side-dish that will store well and that I can use throughout the week.  I … Continue reading

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