I run …


I run ...

I like random ‘holidays’ – National Coffee Day (and it’s companion National Espresso Day) is a favorite. Of course, National Talk Like a Pirate Day is always good for a few laughs (especially when I’m teaching and ask my students to talk like a pirate when asking questions in class). In college I looked forward to Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day with great anticipation. I still remember getting a free cone, then returning with it to the end of the line so I could wait for my next cone.

Today was National Running Day. As a runner, I love a day in which my social media is filled (even more than usual) with photos and stories that depict the many ways in which running has touched the lives of so many. I’ve also tried to embrace the badge (above) that encourages runners to express what running means to them. In past years I’ve tried filling in the blank with the reasons I run, but this year I didn’t even try. There are just too many things I could say. And since running has contributed so much to my life, I refuse to confine it to a single statement.

Instead, I thought I’d make a list of some of the many ways that I could complete this thought. In no particular order:

I run ….

  1. because I’m stronger than my doubts
  2. to quiet my mind and soul
  3. to see what I’m capable of
  4. because I was told that I could never run again, and I refuse to put stock in those who say I can’t
  5. because I love ice cream and cheese dip and wine and cocktails
  6. because I have great memories of running with my father
  7. for the endorphins
  8. because it’s introduced me to some of the best people I know
  9. when I travel to get in some extra on-foot site-seeing
  10. because destination races are a great excuse to travel
  11. because I love the gear and cute outfits
  12. because strong beats the hell out of skinny
  13. to get away from my life
  14. to embrace my life
  15. because it makes me look forward to aging into new age-groups
  16. because I can compete against others or compete against myself
  17. for the challenge
  18. for the relaxation
  19. alone so that I can enjoy time with just my thoughts and my music
  20. with friends so that we can catch up while putting in miles together
  21. with groups to enjoy companionship and make new friends
  22. when it’s hot, when it’s cold, when it’s steamy, when it’s sunny, when it’s raining.

I run.

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1 Response to I run …

  1. cynthia says:

    So great to read. I wish I loved to run…

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