Snow Days and Hill Training

(with apologies to my Northern friends who’ve had more than their share of snow days this winter)

Snow days are something of a rarity in my adopted hometown of Atlanta. It’s not just the kids who wait for news of school closures with rapt attention whenever the forecast calls for a chance of snow or freezing precipitation. Exhausted from teaching an 8am class, and trying to squeeze in training runs after long days on my feet teaching, I’ve been perhaps a bit more anxious for a snow day than usual. So you can imagine my excitement when I received a text yesterday afternoon announcing the University was to be closed today because of the forecast for hazardous (by our delicate Georgia standards) winter weather.

I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping a bit later than usual, then having a full day free to get caught up on work, and plenty of time for my planned 8-mile training run. When I got up I was amused by the day’s forecast: temps above freezing, with nothing but rain (and even that not starting sometime after 2 or 3pm). I texted pictures of clear, dry streets to my Northern friends, then after putting in a good morning of work went out for a run.

About two miles in I felt something stinging my face: I was being pelted by sleet. Obviously this was payback for poking fun at those who were predicting another fierce southern snow and ice storm, but I couldn’t care less. I was dressed for the conditions, and getting to run in any kind of wintery mix is rare treat to be treasured. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh and happily great everyone I passed on the running trail.

Adding to my fun, this morning I was finally given permission to add hills – real hills – to my training (at least with the condition that I keep it slow at first). There’s a hill – not a long hill, but steeper than I’ve been allowed to tackle – that has stood between me and one of Atlanta’s Living Walls that I’ve been wanting to photograph. Within an hour of receiving permission I was standing in front of it, in the sleet, taking my long-awaited photo (below).

It feels so good to be back in action.

Living Wall

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4 Responses to Snow Days and Hill Training

  1. great job! jealous from Chicagoland, lol

  2. cynthia says:

    So happy to know someone else who loves winter! Lately I’ve been wondering if I would be sick of it too if I lived in Boston rather than in the south… but I don’t think so : )

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