A Change in Direction

When I started this blog, my only real plan was to record my recipes so that I had a handy place to keep track of the ones that worked for me. It’s been almost three years now, and while I’m still cooking and occasionally creating new recipes, my focus has shifted. I find I’m spending less time in the kitchen (and therefore less time on my blog), and more time focusing on other activities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still a priority: finding whole foods, working out (running and strength-training has been supplemented by biking and swimming), and racing. And of course, I still enjoy the rewards (mostly food!) that go along with being so active. I’ve found that I have more to say about those things, so my plan is to expand my blog to cover my other activities and interests. I’ll still post recipes when I come up with something good enough to share, but will also write about the rest of the things that are increasingly important to me.

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