Crazy Good, Crazy Easy Sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, Mango, Avocado, and Feta)

It’s a beautiful warm day here in Atlanta, and feels more like summer than spring. I was driving home after a long run today with my convertible top down and started thinking about how good a BLT would taste. The problem is, tomatoes are a long way off from being in season here in Georgia, and the ones I can buy at the store this time of year don’t taste good enough to me. Last year I made a good bacon, lettuce, tomato and guacamole sandwich that sounded good, but I still needed something to substitute for the tomato. Since I have some yellow (champagne) mangos at home I decided to try them.  Instead of making guacamole, I just used sliced avocado and then added a some feta for a little more saltiness. This helped since I used maple-smoked bacon, which went well with the mango but was more sweet than I’m used to.

Place on toasted whole-grain bread:

  • lettuce (preferably local, if available)
  • sliced mango (I used yellow champagne mango)
  • sliced avocado
  • cooked bacon (I used local maple-smoked bacon, but any bacon would be fine)
  • crumbled feta cheese
  • mayonaise, if desired (I used just a little low-fat mayo to keep the lettuce from slipping off the bread)

It was a little messy to eat (slippery slices of mango and avocado kept falling out), but really good and couldn’t have been any easier.

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3 Responses to Crazy Good, Crazy Easy Sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, Mango, Avocado, and Feta)

  1. Amy says:

    This looks & sounds divine!

    • susanlaury says:

      Thanks! I was just about to use my leftover avocado to make guacamole, when I saw your “purist” post – I’m going to try it without the cumin this time and see what I think. (Wish I had some cilantro on-hand, though)

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