Time to Roll Up My Sleeves

My project for the upcoming Christmas break is to start a food blog.  Over the past few months, I’ve been embracing a new (to me) healthy lifestyle, full of exercise and good nutrition. To that end, I’ve been experimenting with new recipes and lots of new foods.  Quinoa, wheat berries, all kinds of new vegetables.

I’m doing my best to channel the creativity I’ve always put into my cocktails into healthy, delicious food.   However, my memory is short and I have a hard time remembering what recipes I’ve tried, what changes I’ve made, and how they turned out.  Hence, this blog.

I’m really doing this for me, and if anyone else discovers it and finds a recipe or two, so much the better.

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3 Responses to Time to Roll Up My Sleeves

  1. maggieroe says:

    I can’t wait to see what you have up that sleeve of yours.

  2. Jim roe says:

    I believe you are creative enough to continue your cocktail master pieces, while exploring and creating masterful food dishes 🙂

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